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Have a question, issue, or need more information on how the app works? Check out our FAQ below or the How It Works video! If you still have any questions or wish to speak with someone directly then please contact us here:


What is required to watch shows without commercial breaks…

To automatically replace the ads with the MyTVChoice app, you need an active TV Provider (Comcast, FIOS, Direct TV, etc.,), along with an active WiFi Connection and Smart TV and Smart Phone running the MyTVChoice app – iPhone/iOS now, Android coming, all connected on the same wifi network.

Do I see content…

Scheduled commercial breaks are replaced with alternative TV viewing experiences you select on the MyTVChoice app and actually watch on your TV screen. MyTVChoice replaces the commercial breaks and brings you back to your show automatically when the show or sporting event resumes.

What kind of content…

MyTVChoice replaces commercial breaks during your favorite Sporting Events and Channels (NFL Football, NBA and NCAA Basketball, Major League Baseball, ESPN, and more), News (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) and TV Shows with better content like commentary from Chat Sports and sports highlights by Joseph Vincent and Bored Films, and more!

How much does…

MyTVChoice is free and there are no in app charges.

Is my Smart TV supported?

Most Smart TVs after 2014 by the major brands (Samsung, LG, Vizio) are supported. However, since the standard for Smart TVs is flexible and potentially different for each manufacturer and model, not all Smart TVs can run MyTVChoice. Most of the time an in-app notification will alert users if there is an incompatibility, and users can register to be notified when their brand/model is supported.

What TV providers?

Comcast, FIOS, Direct TV, Cox and Most Other Providers in the US.

What channels…

Programs and channels vary daily, and users are advised to sign up for in app notifications, or visit, Like Us on Facebook, or Follow Us on Twitter for daily broadcast schedules and updates for shows, sporting events, and all the shows and channels we cover each day.

Whom do I contact for press inquiries regarding MyTVChoice?

Please contact Sherry Alpert, Sherry Alpert Corporate Communications, LLC, at, or call (781) 828-9415, Cell (617) 678-1613

Whom do I contact for sponsorships and content partnerships?

Please contact Brian Duffy, Chief Revenue Officer at or call 203-906-3306.

Do I need to program my phone every time I use MyTVChoice?

No. With MyTVChoice, you only need to program your smart phone once, and change it if you want to choose different content to replace commercial breaks and watch on your TV.