Fusing the Power of Digital Media Together With the High Engagement of Live TV

Works like a “Digital Remote Control” that automatically streams original and branded content during natural program breaks to provide a more relevant TV viewing experience!

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Tap into True Viewer-Centricity

MyTVChoice offers a wide variety of content to replace ads, including updates by Chat Sports, News, and “Savage Sports Moments” from Joseph Vincent and Bored Films, viral videos, games, entertainment, TED-style talks and more.

Bridging the Digital Traditional Divide…

Because MyTVChoice app users “raise their hands” to select the type of content they want to watch, brands now have the opportunity to engage more deeply with them, which leads to higher receptivity and brand engagement.

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Get in the Game!

Content partners are leaders in the digital/social space.
For Example:


  • Chat Sports covers all major sports and audiences scale to over 1 million live viewers for certain events.
  • Joseph Vincent/Bored Films are high quality theme-based Highlights with 5+ million of loyal first time and repeat viewing audience.
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Measurable TV Viewing Experiences

Access the $100+ BILLION TV/Digital ad spend with hyper-targeted & cost-effective advertising.

Deeper digital insights on what viewers are watching and what they “like” and how they respond.

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